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Financial Services Software

SJB Enterprises partners with Softwise, Inc. to handle your cash advance, check cashing, installment and payday loan needs. All of this is possible thanks to Softwise's flagship software product, Cashwise.

This state-of-the-art online lending software provides a service that no other software provider does; A fully supported, multistate module for online cash advance loans.

Cashwise offers multiple services, such as; OFAC, Check21, Cash Recycler, Biometrics, and others. Softwise products are used by a variety of industries, including check cashing centers, convenience stores, pawnshops, grocery stores, debt collection businesses, and loan businesses.

Financial Services Software

Payday Loans - Installment Loans - Title Loans

Cashwise offers the most comprehensive payday loan system on the market. It offers services that span from basic check cashing to installment loans to car title loans. It also offers you the ability to sell goods and services. We strive to stay the leader of the payday lending market by constantly adding and updating modules to meet the needs of you and your customers, such as with our Check 21 and WiseCard prepaid Visa modules. Our goal is to make doing business as easy for you as possible. The possibilities with Cashwise are limitless.

Features of this software include:

  • Industry Leading Payday Loan and Check Cashing Software
    No other software offers you as many payday lending and check cashing options as Cashwise. The program is fully customizable to fit your businesses needs and practices.
  • Powerful Point-of-Sale Solution
    Cashwise offers you the ability to sell goods and services that your customers need and want, such as the new WiseCard Prepaid Visa program.
  • Complete Back-end Management and Reporting
    No other software offers you as many payday lending and check cashing options as Cashwise. The program is fully customizable to fit your businesses needs and practices.
  • Check Cashing Module
    The check cashing module in Cashwise allows you to quickly and easily cash checks for your customers. As with all of our other modules, this one is customizable; you set the fees.
  • Complete Payday Loan System
    The payday loan system includes options such as regular payday loans (where the customer pays back the loan on their next payday), installment loans, and car title loans. Each module is fully customizable to meet your needs and business practices.
  • Powerful Installment Loan Module
    Simple interest loans, Rule of 78, interest only loans, customize payment frequency, link collateral, and much more. The Cashwise Installment Loan Module supports fully amortizing installment loans on any payment frequency, and first payment dates can be timed with customer paydays to help facilitate repayment.
  • Title Loan Module
    The Cashwise Title Loan module allows you to create loans where the car title is the collateral on the loan. Installment or single period loans, link multiple collateral to one loan, flexible fee plans, and link images to the loan.
  • Fraud Prevention
    The Cashwise software is designed for the maximum fraud protection for your customers by providing you with the ability to capture their pictures, signatures, and finger prints; thus preventing someone else from using their account.
  • Labor Control Module
    Employees clock in and out from Cashwise. The program calculates regular and overtime hours, and you can generate labor and production reports.
  • Biometric Capable
    This module can be used for employee access in Cashwise and transaction approval, as well as verifying a customer's identity. Supports signature pads, finger print scanners and image capture devices.
  • Multi-location Aware
    With Thin Client, this option allows your stores to connect to a central file server that houses all of the data. Your stores and head office are never out of sync, because all of your data is in one location and accessed in "real time©. Supports communications between branches for consolidated reporting and additional fraud prevention.
  • Integrated with 3rd party services; Teletrack, Veritek, OFAC
    Services such as Teletrack verify funds are available before processing a loan request. Veritec checks to ensure that the customer does not have any other outstanding loans with any other payday lender. OFAC checks your customer's against the U.S. Treasure's OFAC SDN list, to ensure that your customer's can legally obtain a loan. For Florida, Indiana and more.
  • Powerful Collection System
    Our full featured debt collection module is designed to meet the needs of a large or small collection organization, with excellent automation of the collection processes.
  • SQL Server Database System
    Softwise is the longest standing, most robust SQL-based system in the industry.
  • Windows Based
    Runs on the industry standard Windows system platform for ease-of-use and installation.
  • Check21 (Remote Deposit)
    We are pleased to announce our new Check21 module interface. Check21 interface with Unicheq a remote/ACH processor. Electronic check conversion is the process of converting a paper check to an electronic payment. There is tremendous value when integrating check conversion into a retailer's payment system: cost reductions with greater efficiency and faster funding.
    • Eliminate ALL NSF Bank Fees! Eliminate the 10-15 day delay on ALL NSF's.
    Savings over traditional paper check processing include; bank fees, deposit preparation, returned item tracking, cash management and collection. Other savings include:
    • Reduced transaction time
    • More efficient process for closing out registers
    • Reduced returned items
    • Efficient processing of the remaining NSF items
    • Improved customer service
    • More secure transaction with less exposure
    • Reduced error rate

Considering the cost and efficiency, conversion is substantially favorable to traditional check processing. CSI currently processes hundreds of millions of dollars annually through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. For pricing and additional information please contact Scott Bennett of SJB Enterprises @ 763.450.7100. To schedule a meeting with a CashWise representative please call 763.450.7100 or fill out our Contact Request Form