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Debit Card Processing

What - Debit Card Processing
Debit Card Processing
  1. Debit payment and cash back options for customers
    • Exact change back ( less than 20 )
  2. Debit card format, pin only, cash back
    • Cash not available, transaction declined
  3. Ability to accept; Debit Cards, EBT (cash only), Prepaid Debit, Payroll, Government programs, Child support, Unemployment, Tax returns, CashPass, etc.
  4. Customers pay No ATM Fees
  5. No risk, PIN based transactions are not disputable
  6. Ability to accept another form of payment
  7. Check cashing of the future
WHY - User Benefit and Value

"Authorized" network vs. "Unauthorized" network

  1. Cardholders CAPS
    • Authorized - withdraw their funds without frequency or amount caps, their cash is available as needed
    • Unauthorized - withdraw their funds from ANY ATM machine or Kiosk WITH caps on frequency and amount
  2. Card Number Manual Entry
    • Authorized - teller can manually key card number and complete the transaction
    • Unauthorized - this capability wouldn't be able to be performed
  3. Balance inquiries
    • Authorized - application to perform balance inquiries for both Cash Benefits and Food Stamp credit
      • This helps cashiers to negotiate exactly what their consumers want to withdraw if fees are priced too high for their transaction
    • Unauthorized - this capability wouldn't be able to be performed
  4. Expanded suite of services
    • Authorized - User is able to utilize all services available in your location
    • Unauthorized - No additional capabilities available for user
WHERE  Operational Impact
  1. Revenue Opportunities
    • Minimize fraud risk exposure
    • Convenience fee revenue ( check cashing on a card ) with no risk
      • Convenience fee - 2-3% added to transaction
    • Clear 1-2.5% risk free
    • No annual fee
    • No monthly minimum fee
    • No junk fees
  2. Operational Expense
    • Estimated cost .5%-1% depending card network solution selected
      • Cost is based on transaction volume
  3. Debit Card Offload (POS) Limits per day
    • H & R Block: $3,500
    • Green DOT: $2,500
    • Rush: $1,500
    • Net Spend: $4,999
    • Up Card: $1500
    • Account Now: $2000
    • Wal-Mart: $2999.99
  4. Customer Support & Assurance!!
    • 24/7 Call Center for retail site support