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Pawn Shop Insurance

Pawn Shop Insurance

Capitalize on the extensive, 20+ years' experience of the staff at Union Life & Casualty Insurance Agency. This program draws upon industry specialists who truly understand your business.

Don't take the unnecessary risk when it comes to insuring your pawn shop or check cashing location!

Union Life & Casualty and Traveler's Insurance have teamed up to protect those in the pawn and check cashing industry offering a unique insurance program at a competitive premium.

Traveler's has a specialized combination of coverages as well as risk management services available, adding superior value to their overall products.

Some of the *COVERAGE highlights and explanations:

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  • Jewelers block offering full theft. NO hidden sub-limits within the standard property form like most property policies.
  • Pawned and owned inventory at market value - property coverage to protect your goods inside the store at close to retail value.
  • Loss of business income - when your business is closed due to a direct physical covered cause of loss you are losing income which you can insure.
  • Property off premises - pawned or owned goods taken from your store location.
  • Memo - property in the care, custody and control of another dealer.
  • Shipments - packages you ship to another individual or business.
  • Money and securities - money in and outside of the store protect against theft, disappearance and destruction.
  • Commercial general liability - protects against claims made for BODILY INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE due to your premises/operation.
  • Firearms product liability - protect against claims made from guns sold.
  • Workers' compensation - a state government required insurance coverage to protect the employee from work related injuries or death. Small, medium or large doesn't matter, if you have an employee you are required in most states to maintain Workers' Compensation insurance coverage!

Let the experts put together a special package policy for you, designed to fill in the gaps left by other insurance programs. Union Life & Casualty Insurance Agency is a specialized business insurance and risk management general agency providing a wide range of underwriting and risk management services to the pawn and check cashing industry. Union Life has been in business since 1965, operating in 48 states!


Let us insure your business today with an AMERICAN, ADMITTED, A+ RATED INSURANCE CARRIER!!!

Getting a quotation is easy.

We understand your business and look forward to working with you.

*Always refer to the original policy for specific terms, conditions, and coverage definitions.