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Tradeshow Sales and Consulting

photo Planning and Coordination

Understanding how to be effective on the tradeshow floor is very important, as well as getting the most bang for your buck. We offer multiple solutions for you and your company ranging from tradeshow consulting for planning, representation, sales ideas and coordinating your efforts yearly if needed. Maximizing your tradeshow appearance and efforts to impact your market to the fullest.
Sales Representation and Lead Generation

SJB Enterprises can train or provide sales reps to maximize your tradeshow appearance. Sales representatives speak volumes on the tradeshow floor. Understanding how to increase your sales and lead generation is a must on the trade show floor today. We have represented companies in the past, and with little or no experience in their market have successfully generated more leads than a experienced sales staff with market knowledge. Knowing how to generate leads from tradeshows is key to the investment made, and we need to ask yourself the question, "Why are we at his trade show"? Answer: To get LEADS!!!!!
Emergency Tradeshow Sales Representatives

How many times have you seen a empty booth? Too many! SJB Enterpises can provide a certified tradeshow representative to fill in your last minute needs. Too much money invested to let it go by with no results, and or lack of people to work it. We will quickly and effectively represent your company on a moments notice and generate leads that hopefully become sales! There no job too little or too BIG. Don't let your money go flying out the window without making the last minute effort.

Sales and Concierge Services

High Level Sales Retention

Understanding the importance of retaining your current sales is obviously a top priority for your company. Ensuring that this is being done is another story. Our "outside of the box" approach allows us to suggest new ideas and plan for ways to continue the valued relationships that currently exist or that have just started!

Entertainment and Guide Service

No time to entertain clients? We understand how valuable they are to you. Ensure that they have a great trip and their needs are met to the expectations they deserve. We can handle the most basic needs and provide a professional guide to make sure they have the best experience possible. Anything from fishing trips to night life guides, we can do it all. There's nothing more important than having a great experience while getting work done!

Emergency Concierge Service

Have clients coming into town and you have no one to handle their needs? Employee bailed on you? Don't worry, our emergency service will make sure they're taken care of. Whether it's making sure your client gets a ride from the airport or driving around for the day doing site visits, SJB can handle everything. Our crisis management team is available for all types of services or needs.